Old Town Winchester : Model Status

Virginia Portrait Photographer

My little munchkin and I met with my friend in Old Town Winchester for lunch one afternoon and she was so kind to let me take her photos and practice some posing.  We had so much fun and so many laughs!  

We walked around Old Town Winchester and found some super neat locations.  I highly recommend having your session there if you don't have anywhere else in mind!  So many options.  As we walked around, my sweet baby girl fell sound asleep in the stroller.  We took the opportunity during her nap time to start our little photo session.  

I can only imagine how ridiculous we looked as we tried to figure out some very different and unique poses.  All I can say is, hopefully we were able to give somebody a laugh :-)

Here are some of my favorites!  Isn't she beautiful and a complete natural?!

I just love this black and white trio!


See, model status -- am I right?!

Virginia Portrait Photographer